1 week in

Hello people, it’s me. Half of you are probably thinking “Enough already. They are home. They are cute. You are grateful. We got it.” The other half are wondering what has been happening and/or weather or not I have lost it. You folks in the second half are my targeted audience. Congrats. I am clearly an expert on adoptive parenting after my 9 day tenure. Therefore, be sure to heed my words with said experience in mind.

Ahem….alot of you have seen my many Instagram pics. I am sorry and you are welcome all at the same time. I can honestly say that the first 5 days were GOLD. I am so thankful for those “honeymoon” days and equally thankful that I am no fool. Every single day of bliss, I said to my inner circle that I knew that the sh*t was going to hit the fan sooner or later and boy has it!! Will and I lovingly call the crazy episodes of madness these boys delve into with no warning, mind you, “coups”.  Anywho….day 6 started out just like day 5. And then at 8am, after a denial of potato chips for breakfast, one of them began his coup. The typical coup starts with silence and staring. This one evolved into silent tears and then sobbing that sounded like a wounded animal. One hour and 40 minutes later, both of us drenched in tears as I held him tight, he fell asleep. Meanwhile, the other one was highly distressed because he wanted to go to school with the big boys. After being manually removed from the driveway, he flipped out, threw his boots across the room and laid on the floor refusing to speak. Later that day, after recovering from aforementioned coups, we had a great day until the one with the potato chip fetish threw coup #2 because I told him not to ride his bike in the road. This coup was all anger and out of control. Biting, kicking, screaming….. good grief. Days 5-9 have been a mix of joy and firsts and great moments with some angry coups thrown in at will.

Tonight, after a loving, happy and fun-filled day, (with lots of Instagram photos for proof) he lost it. I don’t even know what happened. I just got downstairs from restraining him while he kicked, hit and attempted to bite me while screaming bloody murder for 30 min. While he fought, I prayed and told him how much I loved him. It ended as suddenly as it started. He calmly walked to the shower and then brushed his teeth. I told him he was a good boy and loved and chosen and special. He fell fast asleep.

Equally as memorable were the moments this first week when one caught a napkin on fire (as in “oh lawd Jesus it’s a fire!”) and the other one stole my keys and started my car while I sat completely unsuspecting inside. I wonder if God is amused. They eat like grown men. My house is filthy. I need more socks. I am back to using phrases like “honor your brother” and “you have two choices…” Oliver is looking for an adoptive family himself, as they will not put him down. While practicing “kind words” at lunch one day, one said “I’m so glad I am live here with you. You are so, so great.”  The laundry has quadrupled with the simple addition of two mini Haitians. I run the dishwasher every day. I am exhausted. I hate not being able to reason/argue my way out. This adoption business is not for the faint of heart.

That being said, I would not change a thing. I am terribly in love with them. My inner circle is amazing. My husband is amazing. God is on His thrown and week two starts in a few hours. I am going to bed. Thank you to all who made it through this blog and for all who have called, texted, sent $ and prayed. We will make it and things will get better!! Stay tuned :).


16 responses to “1 week in

  1. Girl, I love you. You got this!! I smiled and nodded the whole time as I was reading…I know. You are doing good, Momma!!

  2. kelleigh, keep it coming. I need to hear real and find it beautiful. Thanks so much!! Robin Kirk

  3. “wow” is all I can say, stay strong! Hide the keys or clip to your belt loop, and for gods sake, I hope you have a fire extinguisher! lol Your updates make me smile, I’m sure you”ll make out just fine! keep up your sense of humor and hang on for the roller coaster ride. scary and amazing at the same time!

  4. I’m with Amy…you have soooo got this! It is not for the faint of heart which is obviously why He chose you 🙂 oh lawd Jesus, this will get better!

  5. Kelleigh I love reading about your thoughts, feelings, adventures…… What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. I love you for the amazing job that God is enabling you to do in the lives of your new family. All praise to Jesus!!!!!!!!!

  6. we.. are praying for you all. hang in there. God will not give you more than you can handle. lisa greg spencer n cameron

  7. hang in there! Just wrap your arms around them and rock..patience and faith..testing you.

  8. Thanks for the update. I love your transparency as well as your humor. I can hear ya now. lol God called you to it and He’ll bring ya through it. Glad that you have an inner circle.

  9. Kel and Will……love you guys and what you are doing…..keep your blogs coming. Kel I will help you anytime, as I am experienced in washing clothes and dishes for 4 kids…LOL. What tests you will make you stronger.

  10. You and Will are both amazing. I saw Joanne yesterday and told her to tell you I enjoy the pictures and updates. I can’t even begin to imagine all the emotions that you are experiencing – thank you for sharing. Praying blessings over you all – May the Lord bless and keep you.

  11. Kelleigh & Will you both are such an inspiration. I pray for your family daily & there is no doubt in my mind that if any family can get trough this it is yours with both your spiritual & your immediate. I look forward everyday to seeing the pictures and to hear how it is all going it has become part of my morning routine lol.

  12. Wow! What patience and strength you Are showing! Nobody is a perfect parent All the time. You guys are doing a FANTASTIC job! Keep on blogging. We are your prayer warriors and we love you!

  13. Laughing, shaking my head, surprised, not suprised, Keep in Prayer with the Lord Jesus (The Lord provides), Keep your friends close and your husband closer. The three of you will get through. Praying for you all!

  14. I love you all! I am an earshot away-Anytime-Day or Night. The wine is chilled and my ears are open, as well as my heart and home. God is Awesome! <3!

  15. stumble across your blog. Don’t know you…..BUT…….boy do I know exactly where you are:) Adoption is HARD! You are doing great. Be the parent, set the boundaries, and love them like crazy.

  16. We are here for you guys…praying our hearts out!! Please keep those Instagram, FB Posts and blog posts coming!

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