Hello friends!! Two blogs in one week can only mean one thing…….It’s go time! We leave tomorrow morning to go get our boys! I can hardly believe I am actually typing those words.

I am a quirky kind of girl where dates, names and numbers are concerned. God knows that and likes me anyway. He even relates to me in such ways……kind of like a wink to me…….like you do to your kids when they realize you set something up especially for them and they get all excited. So, true to form in His great love for me, guess what date we are coming home? Marc-ELI’s birthday!!! True, people. I cannot make this up. The boy who started it all……his name given to me by my sweet Jesus in the beginning of this crazy process over 3 years ago turns 8 on Thursday. We fly out of Haiti that afternoon and into their new lives, new lineage. Who is like our God?! I wish I had time to write for you all of the crazy name/date/number stories He has so beautifully orchestrated in my life, but alas, I must pack!

This week has been full of shock and excitement and disbelief for us. But for other families, it has been more frustration, more waiting, more red tape. Before you rejoice with us, please pray for them…..that they would trust God and rely on His timing and His grace. That He is enough. Pray with us that God will guard their hearts and minds as they wait and hope for their come home day.



4 responses to “dates

  1. I’m so excited for you all and so happy that your dream and prayers are answered in this way. When you and the boys are ready, we will be ready to meet them. Praying for you all.

  2. Kelleigh, it has been an amazing journey with you all. Soon we will all be on the same journey once again when our boys are all in their forever homes. I LOVE THIS POST and have tried putting Josh and I in yours and Will’s place….WOW the joy my heart feels with this image. You are providing so much hope and happiness for the rest of us and I pray that we all fall in line behind you soon enough. It has been a pleasure being on this journey with you and I love your boys and you all so very much. We will all rejoice together again someday soon and I can’t wait for that day to come. Blessings to you all and I can NOT wait to see your pics….tears are flowing and I’ve not even seen any yet. Love you and safe travels dear friend!

  3. I am so excited for you!!! I can’t even stand it. Wish I could be there to see all of you when you arrive back in the states and your whole family is together!!

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